The Amazing Race

“The Amazing Race” is an American-produced reality television show that debuted in 2001 and has won 13 Emmy Awards for Best Reality Program in the US. The program attracts viewers around the world with fierce, thrilling and unique races with tough challenges that require players to not only apply their intelligence, agility, courage and health but also must also show ingenuity

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Introducing the program The Amazing Race

The race includes 11 teams, each team consists of 2 people who work together to overcome challenges by implementing assigned secrets to reach the finish line. The team that finishes last will be eliminated from the match. The program is attractive not only because of its thrill but also because of its outdoor competition format, traveling to many different locations in the United States and countries around the world, helping not only the players but also the public to explore the scenery. customs, culture, customs and traditions of each region that the program passes through.
Amazing race
Amazing race
The show airs twice a year on the US Fox Reality Channel. Currently, Vietnam has also bought back the copyright under the name “The Amazing Race” and successfully implemented 3 seasons and the public is still eagerly waiting for each season. In 2016, with the return of the Stars, “The Amazing Race” went through very intense episodes to reach the final and was watched by the public week after week with a large number of viewers.

The Amazing Race 11

Eric & Danielle

Dustin & Kandice

Charla & Mirnare

Oswald & Danny

Uchenna & Joyce

Joe & Bill

Teri & Ian

Rob & Amber

David & Mary

Kevin & Drew

John Vito & Jill